French Lingerie : a story.

Lingerie in France over the years

We can see a real transformation of lingerie over the years, not only in the fabrics used to make it but also the silhouette and shape that people are looking for. The speciality of French lingerie started at the same time as the first corsets, around the end of the 19th century. The said corsets somewhat "imprisoned" ladies' bodies, therefore often stopping them from breathing correctly, which led to a great number of fainting scenes. The first bras, around 1910-1915, marked the first big development that took into consideration the comfort of women, reinforced during the 1930s with the arrival of the control pant. During that period, the main focus of underwear was still to sculpt the body.

It's from the 1950s that the aesthetic side of things was brought to the forefront. The development of ladies participating in sporting activities reduced the need for "artificially" sculpting silhouettes. But it's in the 70s that we can really take not of the liberation of the body. And finally, from the 1980s onwards, we can take note of a technological boom in the working of fabrics, but also on the bra moulds. It's in actual fact quite amusing to see how breasts we different over the years: they were very flat during the 20s, pointy in the 60s and round in the 90s-00s.

French Lingerie : Charm and seduction

We usually associate french lingerie with charm and seduction. Yes, it's glamorous, but beyond the aesthetics, there is real know how and exceptionally unique jobs. On the other hand, in some other countries, there is an "education" that needs to be carried out with regards to body image and underwear in general.

How French Lingerie is made

French lingerie is characterized foremost by it's demanding nature, mostly when it comes to the materials used. There is a strong partnership between artisans, the lace makers of Calais for example, and the underwear makes and brands, which enables them to create unique products. A bra created by a french corsetier is made up of approximately thirty to forty parts.


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